Munich’s Art and the Zeitgeist


Happy New Year!

At the beginning of 2013, two theories emerged that I wanted to test out.

The first theory was that there was a regional zeitgeist and that the artists drawn to a specific location  created artwork that worked symbiotically with each other.

This idea did not focus on a specific style or medium.  It focused on the underlying feeling of the artwork and the energy the artwork exuded. If an artist chose to live in Berlin rather than Munich, their artwork would be permeated with the energy of the city in which it was created.  Like bottled water, the basic ingredient was the same for art created in 2013 no matter where it was created but the packaging, the way it was extracted, filtered and infused caused the end product to be something specific to a physical location.

The second theory that I wanted to test out was whether there was an art scene in Munich.

During 2013, I found that Munich was unlike Berlin which hypes itself as a mecca for art. Instead Munich’s artists avoided cornering themselves into a cubbyhole called artist.  Many Munich artists that I met were artists and something else. Because they wore more than one hat, the artists refused to hang about acting like a stereotypical artists because time was precious and they wanted to spend their time making art not talking about it.

Researching this theory, I found talented artists and an art scene thriving but not in my or your face which matched the city and enforced my idea about the regional zeitgeist. We will share information about both theories and the artists we met in 2013 in our Munich artists book scheduled for publication early next year.

In 2014, BCA will continue to build a Munich city brand, explore theories and share information with you. BCA will continue to get artists together to build a stronger art community that will help regional and emerging artists share their artwork with you and will continue to help collectors find art they want to purchase and artists they want to promote.

Thank you for hanging out with us this year and I look forward to having you along for the ride as we begin the new year.

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