BCA Munich’s Monday Newsletter – Artwork is Like a Snowflake….

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BCA Munich has been busy meeting artists and getting ready for the bazaar on November 16th.  We are trying to figure out how to mingle artwork from different artists on a table without looking like a rummage sale.  The artwork coming through my door has been a surprise.  Many Munich artists work with large formats and I asked for small pieces for this show and they complied.  I love seeing artists experimenting and having fun. I hope you will stop by and say hello to the artists who will be coming to meet people next saturday.

Each week I write a newsletter for you which you might find interesting to read.  Next week the newsletter will be in German and English (German version will be one week behind in content from the English).  Why?  Because a wonderful artist, Ulli Schmeling (work shown above) volunteered to translate. I’m happy to have such a talented artist helping us out.  We need it.



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