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Q: Hello! I am Alejandro, a Spanish artist who will move to Germany on 30 July.   I was wondering if it is possible, by my works, in the form of street art to paint the streets. I think it’s great when people can watch me with this as I am creating new works of art. My idea would be watercolors on the street to sell, and make it a “mixed media art”. Could you tell me where can I get a license or other counseling?

A: Welcome to Germany, Alejandro! Juliana Lapin has done a little research and found out that you go to the clerk’s office, and must tell them exactly your concept. Assuming they are you then write out a license for a certain amount has to be paid.

The Munich Ordnungsamt can be found here: http://www.muenchen.de/rathaus/ Municipality / Kreisverwaltungsreferat.html

Q: Hello! In a Spanish artist Alejandro moving to Germany on 30th July. I wonder if I can paint scenes in the streets, in front of people. I enjoy When people come to see When I am painting! my idea is sell watercolors on the street and make mixed media art. Can youtell me please where should I get a license or some advice?

A: Welcome to Germany Alejandro. Juliana Lapin did some digging and found out That You just need to go to the ordungsamt and tell them Exactly what you want to do and then you must pay for the license The City of Munich tells you did you need as an artist / performer.

If you are wanting to sell art or perform on the streets in a specific area of  the Munich pedestrian zone, you will need to audition as Explained in the letter drafted by the City of Munich. You can find the letter here on our website  or download it here. You can therefore download the map of the pedestrian zone  here.

A specific permit is required for the Following Streets:

countryside road
Sendlinger Straße up to Sendlinger Tor Platz

From what I’ve seen, the city Seems pretty liberal in what They are Allowing on the streets. .According To the letter, the city is just trying to limit too many artists in the area at one time and keep artistic expression from interfering with the lives of Mingas downtown.

Written by Emmy Horstkamp

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