Welcome to the Munich Artists 14 day Quote/Inspiration Challenge.  For this challenge you will incorporate with quote/inspiration into your artwork.  Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you create.

  1. Take the risk or lose the chance.  OR  Don’t settle.
  2. Do what is right OR  Push your limits.
  3. Make your days count.   OR There is always a way.
  4. Create a Designer life OR  Use your time wisely.
  5. We live our own reality OR   Thank you universe.
  6. Say yes to a challenge that scares you.
  7. Decide to be happy.  OR  Breathe. Exhale. Breathe.
  8. Be the Catalyst. OR You can change the world.
  9. Pick a dream and make it real. OR  Inspire others to dream.
  10. Embrace your past.  OR  Decide to take the leading role in your life.
  11. Say Yes. See what happens. OR  Don’t say Maybe.
  12. Give Hope Not Fear.  OR  Don’t fear failure.
  13. Stand Your Ground.  OR Live your truth.
  14. Think twice before answering.  OR  Everyone has a chapter they don’t read out loud.